Safi cooperatives specializing in the terroir to be upgraded

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Good news for cooperatives specializing in local products in the Safi region. On August 4, the Department of Agriculture is to mobilize technical assistance for the upgrading and support of these agricultural structures. The beneficiary cooperatives will thus have the right to trials and training for the transfer of processing methods, packaging and preservation techniques, and quality control tools. They will also benefit from tailor-made supervision to improve the quality of existing products. “The promotion of local products, while ensuring quality control, not only benefits the production system, but also stimulates rural development and its continuity. For this, in the support program for cooperatives, it is necessary to create a synergy between the improvement of quality and the strengthening of local resources ”, explain the services of Agriculture. The diversity of ecological ecosystems makes the Kingdom a real reservoir of local products, many of which are endemic such as argan oil, desert truffles, orange blossom water, goat cheese, figs from Taounate. , honey, Amlou, saffron, dates and henna.

The development of local products featured prominently in the Green Morocco Plan. It constitutes an alternative considered “very promising” for local, viable and sustainable development, particularly in marginal and difficult areas. Alongside upgrading and support, the ministry carries out labeling operations for local products (distinctive sign of quality, indication of origin, etc.). The labeling of these products is governed by law 25.06, relating to distinctive signs of origin and quality (SDOQ). The main objective of this law is the development and protection of Moroccan local products against any deception and possible usurpation both nationally and internationally. The labeled products are mainly oils, fresh and dried fruits, aromatic and medicinal plants, honeys, cheeses and others.


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