IMA and the National Museum Foundation of Morocco to strengthen the cooperation

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At the initiative of IMA and the National Museum Foundation of Morocco. The Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) and the National Museum Foundation of Morocco (FNM) will strengthen the cooperation that unites them through several cultural projects that will see the light of day in 2022.

The President of the IMA Jack Lang and the President of the FNM, Mehdi Qotbi, held a meeting on Friday which provided an update on the projects identified by the two institutions and which will be initiated on Friday. next year.

Among these projects is the creation, with the support of the IMA, of an art library at the Mohammed VI Museum, the loan by the IMA of the collection of major artists from the Arab world for a traveling exhibition in Tangier, where a museum of modern and contemporary art will soon be open, but also in Rabat and Marrakech, and finally, a biennial of Arab photography with a focus on Morocco, which will be held simultaneously at the IMA and at the National Museum of Photography from Morocco.

“Morocco, an exceptional country deserves an exceptional relationship with the Institute of the Arab World”, declared to the MAP, the president of the IMA, while underlining “the close, friendly, fraternal links between the IMA and FNM ”.

“Morocco is very present in this house. It was done through a first major exhibition “Contemporary Morocco”, in which Mr. Qotbi actively participated by being the co-designer. Just as there has been a whole series of events on Morocco, in particular the exhibition on the treasures of Islam in sub-Saharan Africa in partnership with the Academy of the Kingdom ”, underlined Mr. Lang. In addition, added the president of the IMA, “we have, together, worked on the Rabat biennial conceived by the FNM”.

According to him, “Morocco gives contemporary art a place like no other country”. This is why the IMA wanted “the next biennial of Arab photography to be held with a focus on Morocco, knowing that the Institut du Monde Arabe holds the largest collection of modern and contemporary Arab art in the Arab world. ‘Europe, which has just been enriched by donations, in particular that of Claude and France Lemand.

“We want this unique and exceptional collection to be made available not only to people who live in France but also to friends from different countries and primarily Morocco,” said Mr. Lang who indicated that among the works that will be offered during this biennial “there will be those of Moroccan artists”.

For his part, the president of the FNM underlined “the historical link since the arrival of Mr. Lang as president of the IMA with the Foundation of the museums of Morocco and which absolutely insists that Morocco is at the center cooperation between the two institutions ”. “With Mr. Lang we have decided to continue this collaboration and this cooperation that we want dense and fruitful,” said Mr. Qotbi.

“Today in Morocco we have an exceptional scene of young artist photographers. Just as we have a scene, whether pictorial or photographic, of fantastic richness ”, welcomed the president of the FNM.


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