Groupe Tanger Med to buy a 35 percent of Marsa Maroc capital

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The Moroccan government will sell a strategic 35% stake in Marsa Maroc to the Tanger Med Group. Price of operation: 5.48 billion dirhams Coupon tied to Marsa Maroc 2020. The deal is still subject to lifting the preceding constraints on the stock exchange market of Casablanca, stresses Marsa Maroc. Once the transaction is concluded, the State will keep 25 percent of the share capital and voting rights, as well as of the ship services, of the specialist in port operation in 9 ports of the Kingdom.
The Moroccan government, therefore, pursues its program to support the different priority areas designated, in particular by means of the public companies it controls. The independence of Tangier Med and Marsa Maroc will be able to provide additional support in the dynamic reconfiguration of international logistics corridors to Moroccan industries, importers, and exporters by offering a more efficient and competitive service offering.


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