Who is Mohamed Abdennabaoui, new First President of the Court of Cassation?

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Mohamed Abdennabaoui, who was assigned First President of the Court of Cassation by H.M. the King, was born in Khouribga in 1954. He hold his Doctorate Degree (2015),and  a Diploma of Advanced Graduate Studies (Desa) in (1999), and a BA in Law (1978). In 1993, he received a specialized diploma in administrative justice from France’s National Institute of Judicial Studies.

Mr. Abdennabaoui has been Director of Criminal Affairs and Pardons at the Ministry of Justice since March 2007. He was also the ministry’s director of prison administration and reintegration between June 2005 and March 2007, as well as the King’s prosecutor at the Casablanca-Anfa Court of First Instance (April 2000 to January 2004). From 1984 to 1997, he held the latter position at the Courts of First Instance in Laâyoune, Benslimane, and Mohammedia. Mr. Abdennabaoui was nominated Attorney General of the King near the Court of Cassation by the Sovereign on April 3, 2017.

Mr. Abdennabaoui, a former professor at the Higher Institute of Magistracy and a temporary professor at Mohammedia’s Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social Sciences, has participated in a number of international and United Nations conferences on crime prevention and human rights. the individual.

He has also contributed as an expert to the development of terrorism and transnational organized crime conventions. He also served on the committees that drafted the new criminal procedure code, anti-terrorism legislation, and immigration legislation.

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