A migrant found in a bag of toxic waste at the port of Melilla

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A migrant was found alive on Friday in a bag containing toxic waste at the port of Melilla, the Spanish Civil Guard announced on Monday.

This person was “inside an airtight plastic bag which contained fly ash from an incinerator, which is toxic material listed on the European list of toxic” waste, she said. in a press release.

The officer who discovered this migrant first saw “a person’s limp leg” and thought he was dead. Finally, this migrant was “extracted (from the bag) of ashes” and “regained consciousness”, continued the Civil Guard.

A total of 41 migrants trying to board boats to enter Spain “irregularly” were found on Friday aboard trucks and other vehicles in the port.

Some were hidden in containers full of bottles and other glass objects for recycling, “with many shards”.

In 2020, 41,861 migrants entered Spain illegally both by sea and land, a figure up 29% compared to 2019.

More than half of these migrants arrived in makeshift boats in the Canaries (23,023 people). This Spanish archipelago located off the African coast experienced an eight-fold increase in the number of illegal migrants arriving last year.

Melilla, she saw the arrival of around 1,500 migrants in 2020.


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