CAN2021: Halilhodzic disappointed by his foals, yet qualified

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Qualified well before playing its meeting against Mauritania on behalf of the 5th day (group E) of the qualifiers for the 2021 African Cup of Nations (CAN), Morocco was satisfied with the results of (0- 0) in a game that was disappointing for the national coach, Vahid Halilhodzic.

In post-match statements, the Bosnian expressed his disappointment with the performance of the Atlas Lions, although he recognized some technical difficulties, but also sparks from the newcomers, Mounir Haddadi, Yahya Jabrane and Adam. Masina.

“We played the match knowing in advance that we had qualified for the CAN finals, but we were still motivated by the desire to win”, he said, before leaving free run to his disappointment.

“I’m not happy with the team’s performance because we didn’t control the ball well on an artificial turf pitch. We had difficulty adjusting to it, but that’s no excuse. Some players have to show more when they play for the national team, ”said Halilhodzic.

According to the national coach, “the Moroccan team should show more commitment. Determination and ambition were absent in the team ”.

“It is true that we created a few chances, but the finishing touch was missing, and we were far from making quick attacks. There are a lot of things that I didn’t like, because despite the fact that the team includes players with individual skills, we will have to improve our collective game, ”he lamented.

Referring to the performance of the opponent of the day, Mauritania, Halilhodzic estimated that the Mourabitouns “caused us a lot of difficulties, because they fought with a lot of will and commitment, and the players were more present in all the duels. , and although they didn’t create a lot of chances, they had the possibility of winning on such a pitch because they were playing for the qualification, while we are already qualified ”.


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