Covid-19: Twitter to ban users twitting vaccines misinformation

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On Monday, Twitter unveiled new plans to tackle vaccine misinformation, including the ability to block users after five reminders. “We believe that by implementing this alert system, we will be able to better inform the public about our regulations and, as a result, reduce the dissemination of potentially harmful or misleading information on Twitter,” the tweet network said.

In December, Twitter had already decided to ask users to remove some false claims, including those suggesting that vaccines are used to harm or control populations. It also targeted lies about alleged adverse effects or questioning of the very existence of Covid-19 and the need to be vaccinated.

Since then, the moderators of the Californian company have removed more than 8,400 tweets and notified some 11.5 million accounts worldwide.

Now from the second warning, users will have their account blocked for 12 hours. At the fourth warning, the block will last 7 days. In the fifth, it will become permanent, a system inspired by the system against disinformation linked to elections and civic processes, which notably led Twitter to ban former US President Donald Trump for repeated offenses such as incitement to violence and his messages discrediting the presidential ballot.

Vaccination campaigns against Covid-19, necessary to protect populations and allow the resumption of human activities, are underway in many countries, from the United States to the European Union.

As early as October, when vaccines were only in clinical testing, YouTube and Facebook announced strict regulations to ban vaccine misinformation and efforts to harm vaccination campaigns.

According to a statement released Monday, Twitter will also add labels to tweets that could contain “misleading details about Covid-19 vaccines.”

Moderators will be in charge of deciding the content breaches the rules, but the platform plans to build a framework that can identify inappropriate messages both manually and automatically.


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