El Othmani is satisfied with his social achievements

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Morocco’s social achievements have contributed in a tangible way to supporting vulnerable groups and reducing spatial and social disparities, according to the country’s leader, Saad Dine El Otmani, who emphasized the government’s determination to continue its efforts in this area. domain, to meet the legitimate needs and expectations, as well as to face the remaining challenges. According to the Head of Government, economic and social development, averting the coronavirus-related health crisis, and even supporting the post-Covid-19 economic recovery are all priorities.

In a note posted on the department of the head of government’s official website, El Otmani stated that “the executive paid great attention to the social project, in which Morocco has been engaged for years under the wise leadership of HM King Mohammed VI,” and that “to this end, the government has sought to strengthen and develop the various social assistance programs, to improve the quality of life for Moroccans.”

There are numerous projects that should reflect the government’s proactive policy. El Otmani expressed his pride in the “social revolution” that the sovereign initiated by calling for social protection for all Moroccans over the next five years, which was approved by the Council of Ministers in February 2021 and then adopted by the parliament in March 2021 with “unanimity.” El Otmani estimated that, as a large-scale national project, the generalization of social coverage will strongly stimulate the social project, noting that the government has continued to support the medical assistance scheme (RAMED) while reforming it and establishing a medical cove system.

He also praised the recent effective extension of social coverage to reach professionals and the self-employed. The government has also launched the second phase of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH)

El Otmani also pointed out that direct aid intended for widows with custody of their orphaned children has been increased. In addition to the consolidation of a number of support programs for people with disabilities.


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