Moroccan culinary art

Moroccan culinary art in Jakarta during Ramadan

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During the month of Ramadan in Jakarta, Moroccan culinary art is on display as part of gastronomic days devoted to learning about the world’s table arts.

To expose locals and other Asian tourists to the thousand facets of the culinary art of the Kingdom and its numerous civilizational tributaries, a palette of sophisticated as well as sumptuous Moroccan flavors will be displayed at one of the most prestigious hotels in the Indonesian capital.

The basics of Moroccan cuisine will be included, carefully concocted by two great chefs of Moroccan gastronomy. Couscous, pastilla, tagine, Harira, Chebakia, and even mint tea are just some of the culinary options on the fast-break meal menu.

This week-long festival, organized in partnership with the Moroccan Embassy in Jakarta, aims to strengthen ties between the two countries’ cultures by providing a wide overview of Moroccan cuisine in its authenticity and modernity. during this auspicious month

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