The big stadium of Bouznika will be ready in the coming days

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The large Bouznika stadium, whose work is nearing completion, will be ready in the coming days.

The project, the total cost of which amounts to more than 33.560 million Dh, reinforces the sports infrastructures of the province of Benslimane, in general, and of the city of Bouznika in particular, and also contributes to the encouragement of the practice of football in this province.

The stadium, with a capacity of 5,000 spectators, is part of a large project whose total cost exceeds 104.948 million Dh, including a covered hall, a cultural complex, a library, a hotel for sportsmen and a house of young people, in addition to a shopping complex, green spaces and parking. The large Bouznika stadium, located at the entrance to the city, via the Benslimane road, also includes a conference hall, several other rooms, changing rooms and other outbuildings.

The stadium was equipped with 5,000 seats as part of a partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, while the synthetic turf coating was provided by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation. To learn about the progress of the stadium’s work, the governor of the province Samir Yazidi and the president of the Bouznika communal council, Mohamed Karimine, visited the site in the presence of several local officials and follow-up of explanations on the project, fruit of a partnership between the municipality of Bouznika, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.


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