Algeria the political media harassment against Morocco.

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Information in Algeria is the biggest industry of lies on the planet, so much storytelling, disinformation and other “fake news” have become “way of life in Algeria”. With the APS in charge and a number of electronic newspapers or not, which willingly want to be its “folowers” since Tebboune enacted its press law in one of its first presidential decisions, it is a shake-up. combat with Morocco as its main target.

Eh yes ! the Kingdom is the full power fantasy for an Algerian regime no doubt exacerbated by the disinterest of the foreign media in its diplomatic cause. Also the military regime of Algiers is making up for a certain complacency in encouraging an escalation of instability in the region in an already explosive situation by creating conditions for it to degenerate. Latest anecdote to date, the Algerian Army review “El Djeïch” in its new number 695, accuses “foreign parties” of wanting to undermine the stability of Algeria by ” surfing on the Wave of the Hirak “.

Do not seek other eyes the foreign parts are, neither more nor less, than the Kingdom. These parts ” try to surf the Hirak Wave, can we still read, to deal a blow to the strong bond, uniting the people to its army and to the service of foreign agendas which still live on illusions of the past. This mafia is fully aware of the role of the National People’s Army in preserving the security of the citizen, the protection of the Fatherland in all circumstances, the sacrifices made for its pride and sovereignty. », Adds El Djeïch in a propaganda worthy of« Pravda »in his purest Stalinist style.

And with two birds with one stone, the ANP is enraged against the Hirak who chants “ Civil status not military “, This slogan is brandished and chanted by” the enemies of Algeria “. On the other hand, she attacks the Kingdom and France, which she accuses of leading ” electronic warfare “On Moroccan and French Facebook pages which aim to attack” power and the army and spread fake news and rumors “.

Unfortunately, the story of this khaki-colored schizophrenia, although fascinating, is so long that it cannot be told in two lines. It also wants to be in the continuity of the presidential, ministerial and other outputs which accuse wrongly and through in the hope of appeasing the Algerian people who, for their part, decided to cut the listening and the bridges with officials in remaining very little responsible.

Hespress Fr relied, once again, on a specialist in the field, Mohamed Taleb, member of the Royal Consultative Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) in this case and who from the outset sets the tone.

There is not a single official speech by those responsible for the Algerian regime, whether that of the president, his ministers, the generals, or the last of the regime’s petty henchmen, who does not denigrate Morocco, that he act of a sporting activity, of a dissolution of Parliament, to condemn the Hirak or during an opportunity on a continental or international scale, Morocco is no exception He said.

And to add: ” Algerian officials have spread the word to each other every time they open their mouths for any circumstance, it is to justify themselves or to give themselves a good face in the eyes of Algerians and the scapegoat of the blow is then, all designated , it is Morocco and its Sahara ”. One would be tempted to add “his drug, his people, his Makhzen”, as the speech is hateful towards the Kingdom where nothing and no one escapes gratuitous insult.

We have recently been assisting, continues our interlocutor, “ to an all-out campaign or even the slightest event such as the opening of a sandwich shop in a remote town is conducive to a declaration on the Moroccan Sahara “. And Mohamed Taleb to back up his words: ” The Algerian regime gives a speech to its people six decades old with this classic catchphrase that Moroccans have nothing to eat and that Algeria, jealous of its power, is threatened in its stability by foreign regimes. He brandishes the eternal specter of conspiracy from outside, all this to calm things down internally against a Hirak who is shaking the power “.

Pointing out the angry angle, our interlocutor emphasizes that “dsecondly, it is quite normal that Moroccan diplomatic successes prompted the Algerian regime to react. It appears unequivocally that the Algerian regime is diplomatically isolated. And this isolation is not without consequences since in a way it is a swan song. On a practical level, we see the Algerian regime attempting to veil this international isolation by its fixation on Morocco, just to give itself a second life. The Kingdom has chosen the path of openness with the West and it enters into its accounts which is not the case with Algeria. The Algerian regime clings to a lost cause those of lobbyists not for the interests of the Algerian people who suffer from so much deprivation, but quite simply to try to harm Morocco. We see it through the millions of dollars spent to undermine the Kingdom in its national integrity ”.

Then turning to the henchmen of separatism in the service of the Algerian regime, he maintains that “the Polisario is the bell of the Algerian military regime. We have always known that there is no Polisario. It is a militia in the service of + mejliss + Algerian or more exactly of the ANP. As proof, it does not have the power to decide, it is the Algerian generals who have this decision-making power and they use it as they wish. Today this Polisario has become a time bomb, ready to explode in the face of the Algerian regime. The outings of the Algerian people within the framework of the Hirak gave new ideas to the young Sahrawis kidnapped from Tindouf who saw in Algeria the example of development and the land of freedom, millions of martyrs and all the related spiel ”.

These young ones, again indicates the expert, already take Algeria responsible for their misfortunes. The Algerian regime is training wolves without trying to tame them and this will inevitably turn against it. So we will inevitably end up hearing about these Tindouf camps, especially those that are armed when they are supposed to be refugee camps with very specific statuses. Especially since we do not know what is happening there, the ANP surrounds them, and Algeria refuses any census ”.

In the same vein, Mohamed Taleb specifies that “ at the same time, there are young Saharawis trained militarily in Cuba, or those who come from Libya after having waged war there as well as those who come from Algeria and who for the time being have not been able to reach Europe in as members of dormant cells because there are many young people who have joined forces in the Sahel with Daesh or ISIS. For these groups, it is easier to tap into fertile soil where the terrorist is ready for use than to train him. The proof Abouloualid Sahraoui born in Laayoune who had chosen exile in the camps of Tindouf and who today happens to be the spokesperson for Aqmi in the Sahel. The United States has put $ 5 million on its head ”.

To conclude: ” These are all movements that exert strong pressure in these camps. Moreover in this context and in order to calm them, the Polisario and the ANP are dangling a war against Morocco. But they are not fooled, they can see that there is no war, no peace for that matter, and all this makes the situation in the Tindouf camps more and more explosive ”.




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