AS espace multifonctionnel de la femme

Tangier: Multifunctional space inaugurated for women, and INAS listening and guidance center.

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Last Monday in Tangier, Jamila El Moussali, Minister of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality, and Family inaugurated the listening and guidance center of the National Institute of Social Action (INAS) and the multifunctional space of Branes’ wife.

Created in partnership with the Provincial Directorate of National Education in Tangier-Assilah, the INAS Listening and Guidance Centre aims to contribute to the fight against school loss and to offer psychological and social support to school students in the prefecture of Tangier-Assilah.

Commenting on this event, the Minister highlighted that this structure will play an important role in fighting school dropouts, especially among girls, noting that the INAS laureates, which is a unique institution in Morocco, easily integrate into the labor market, reflecting the importance of training in the field of social action.

In this regard, Ms. El Moussali affirmed the commitment of her department to increase the number of graduates of the Institute and to strengthen the role of this institution in the promotion of training and scientific research in the field of social action, Several future professions are intimately linked to social action.

For his part, the provincial director of National Education in Tangier-Assilah, Rachid Rayane, said that the opening of this center is part of the implementation of the provisions of the Framework Law No. 51.17 on the education system, training, and scientific research, in particular projects relating to social support and school guidance, noting that this structure has the major objective of communicating with the prefecture’s educational establishments, via the monitoring units, to ensure the follow-up and psychological and social support of students, in order to fight against school dropping out.

Chaibia Balbzioui Alaoui, President of the Association for the Support of the Multifunctional Space for Women, said that the purpose of this space is to provide reception services and psychological, social, and legal support to women in difficult situations, and to strengthen their economic empowerment, notably through support for self-employment and the provision of training in several specialties, in particular, “cuisine and pastry” and “digitalization”, noting that a monitoring and support unit for project creation has been set up within the center to encourage beneficiaries to capitalize on their skills and talents and to engage in entrepreneurship.

Ms. Balbzioui Alaoui noted that around 100 women are benefiting from the training offered by this space, noting that a caravan to support women in difficult situations will be launched soon, under the banner “digital technology, a pillar of women’s economic integration”., able to strengthen coordination between women’s centers at regional and national levels.

This center includes a reception area, a training room, a commercial space dedicated to income-generating activities (AGR), a gym, a crèche, a playground, a preschool classroom, a listening and orientation area, an infirmary room, a storage room, and a dormitory for women.

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