For the 15th year, the giant Samsung has been dominating the television market.

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According to Omdia data, the South Korean tech giant had a record 31.9 percent market share in terms of revenue last year, down from 30.9 percent the previous year.

In 2020, the South Korean juggernaut held a record market share of 31.9% in terms of turnover, up from 30.9% a year earlier, according to Omdia figures.

Samsung was followed by South Korean rival LG Electronics Inc. with 16.5% and Japanese Sony (9.1%), the same source said.

The global TV market grew slightly last year despite the Covid-19 pandemic, reaching 225.35 million units sold, according to Omdia.

In the fourth quarter alone, global TV shipments reached a record high of 70.24 million units.

LG Electronics, on the other hand, remains the world’s largest seller of OLED TVs, with 2.04 million units delivered in 2020, a 23.8 percent increase over 2019.

According to the same source, the global OLED TV market increased to 3.65 million units last year.


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