YouTube to launch accounts for teens with parents control

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YouTube revealed on Wednesday that in the coming months, it would provide accounts that will enable teens to use the site while adhering to their parents’ restrictions.

According to James Beser, head of family products at the platform, “in its beta version, this service would offer parents the opportunity to use their Google account to get their children to YouTube, while tracking available content.”

“We’ve heard from parents and older children that pre-teens and young teens have different needs that our products don’t fully meet,” Beser wrote in a blog post.

“We are announcing a new choice for parents who have decided that their pre-teens and young teens are ready to explore YouTube through a supervised account,” he added.

Using the “explore” feature, parents will be able to view videos considered appropriate for children 9 years of age and older, such as tutorials, video games, music videos or educational and topical content.

Another setting will allow children to have access to videos deemed suitable for children aged 13 and over and to include live broadcasts.

A third option will give parents the option of making all YouTube accessible to their children, with the exception of content requiring a minimum age or dealing with sensitive subjects.

The purpose of this range of choices is to allow parents to give their children more freedoms on YouTube while setting certain limits, says Beser.

“We will use a mix of data related to user research, machine learning and human intervention to determine which videos will be included,” the official said.

“We know our systems will make mistakes and we will continue to improve over time.”

The video sharing site developed the YouTube Kids service in 2015, which has parental controls and was originally intended for users over the age of 13.

YouTube has been chastised for failing to censor videos and advertisements that are unacceptable for its younger audience.


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