Launching the 1st MBA in territorial health management in Morocco

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The Rabat School of Public Health recently organized a seminar that marked the launch of the first MBA in territorial health management, set up within the framework of the Morocco-EU Health Sector Support Program (PASS II ).

“The technical assistance of the PASS II Program, in collaboration with the National School of Public Health – Morocco (ENSP) and the Leonard de Vinci Institute – France (ILV), has designed a professionalizing and graduating training course centered on training-research-action and meeting the best European standards in the field ”, we explain in a press release.

It should be noted that six seminars of 2 to 3 days, supervised by high-level European and Moroccan specialists, are scheduled from January to April 2021, totaling more than 160 hours of training over 4 months. All participants are engaged in the design of collective diploma projects, called to be implemented and supported within the framework of ongoing reforms, and more particularly the pursuit of advanced regionalization in health. These projects will be presented and supported during the closing seminar of the PASS II Support Program, scheduled for April 7 and 8, 2021.

“Strengthening the skills of health professionals is one of the priorities of the health sector to support the overhaul of the system and the reforms underway through the implementation of the priorities of the sector strategy. Hospital directors are directly concerned at a time when their function is undergoing a strong evolution in a context marked by the desire to develop the autonomy of health establishments and to envisage regroupings at the regional level through the establishment of Groups. Territorial health, ”the statement said.

And to add that “The regional directors of health as well as the provincial and prefectural delegates are also concerned by a necessary evolution of their function within the framework of the advanced regionalization and the desired establishment of Regional Health Agencies. These changes aim to develop the autonomy of regional players to improve the performance and quality of the system in the service of the satisfaction and safety of users / patients, whose expectations are very high ”.

Let us recall that this action is implemented within the framework of “Majal: governance and regionalization, our priority in health”, the technical assistance project to support the Support Program for the reform of the Health Sector in Morocco. – PASS II. This project, co-funded by the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco, is implemented by the Ministry of Health.


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