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A fad or a discipline that has established itself, street art is booming in Morocco. In its endemic and spontaneous form or through events of an international character, this artistic form embellishes neighborhoods and encourages dialogue between young people. Meeting with Driss Benwahoud, alias Daz, a Moroccan street pop artist who seduces the public with his grandiose paintings. Also meeting with young enthusiasts who have traveled from different regions of Morocco to unveil their talent in graffiti in Casablanca, more precisely at the Center les Étoiles in Sidi Moumen.

The Sidi Moumen Cultural Center Les Étoiles in Casablanca was recently the place of confrontation for the 3rd “Graffiti Battle” between eight young graffiti artists from different cities of the Kingdom. The participants were over-motivated and determined to impose their style.
Using their spray cans, they competed in creativity in order to seduce the jury but also the graffiti enthusiasts present on site. In a relaxed atmosphere, each of the candidates applied themselves to creating their free model under the gaze of curious children from the neighborhood hanging on the gates of the multidisciplinary establishment. The winners of the first round immediately began to draw words drawn at random. Their works are more elaborate than in the previous phases. Normal, we do not hesitate to remind them that the jury will be very careful about the techniques used, the filling, blurred outline, flow …
Some candidates do not hesitate to ask their friends for advice at every step, others are disconnected from those around them until the end of the creation process. But they all opt for a modern style with many well-mastered effects. On a black wall, the two finalists, Hicham Ismaili Alaoui (Sik Artwork) from Fez and Pasky from Casablanca clashed on the theme of “Black history month”. This theme was chosen as part of the celebration of Black History Month in the United States. The two pieces were really
stylish! A feast for the eyes, the audience was won over and the jury struggled to determine which was the best. And it was Sika’s style that was very effective. The latter won the final of the third edition of the “Graffiti Battle” organized at the Les Étoiles Cultural Center. He left with a check for 3,000 dirhams.

Event partners

The Ali Zaoua Foundation organized the third edition of the “Graffiti Battle”, in February at the Les Étoiles cultural center in Sidi Moumen, as part of the “Positive School” program. This competition was organized in partnership with the United States Embassy, ​​Dar America and the Alawan Bladi association.
“Graffiti is an urban art which attracts more and more young Moroccan artists across the country and which embellishes the walls of our big cities. This competition aims to reveal new talents, by giving them the opportunity to express themselves and to reveal their creativity in front of experienced artists who constitute the members of the jury ”, indicates the Foundation.


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