Savior of Sevilla FC, Yassine Bounou speaks about his unexpected goal and enters the history of the club

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Sevilla FC snatched a draw from Real Valladolid at the last second thanks to his goalkeeper, Yassine Bounou who scored a historic goal for his club. An achievement applauded by his coach, and the main concerned who did not hide his joy.

Yassine Bounou has entered the history of Sevilla FC, to the delight of his coach, Julen Lopetegui who has never run out of ecologists on the Moroccan.

Sevilla head coach Julen Lopetegui was delighted to see goalkeeper Yassine Bounou make history with his last goal against Real Valladolid in La Liga.

Bounou scored an incredible 94th-minute goal to tie the Andalusians (1-1) when Sevilla visited Valladolid on Sunday. Thanks to this achievement became the first goalkeeper in the history of Sevilla to score in La Liga.

Being a former goalkeeper for Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Spain and Rayo Vallecano, Lopetegui cannot believe his player’s feat.

“I’ve never scored a goal, not even in training, but it’s obviously an excellent goal from our goalkeeper today”Lopetegui told reporters after the game.

“I just managed to talk to Bono after the game and obviously congratulated him. Today was a very important goal for us because it came in the last minutes of the match and that helped us save a point ”, he added.

For his part, the Atlas Lion still does not seem to have achieved what he has achieved for the club and has said he is very proud of his action. “The goal fell on me and I’m grateful… the feeling is hard to describe because I didn’t know how to celebrate it. It’s very strange, but hey, the teammates were happy because we deserved more ”

“This is the first of my career. Lopetegui told me to get on and I remembered a game in Valladolid with Girona, where I almost scored. It was unbelievable. A very good feeling. Forwards are very lucky to experience what it is to score a goal, ”he added.


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