The Government Council adopts the PL relating to occupations in the public domain

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The Government Council, meeting Thursday in Rabat by videoconference, adopted Bill 03.19 relating to temporary occupations of the public domain, in its new version.

The text, presented by the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, aims to ensure the necessary protection of the public domain and to put in place rules that take into account the specificities of these goods and orient towards an optimal and rational occupation, by enacting protective measures against all kinds of illegal occupation which are not suited to the purposes for which they are authorized.

It proposes to enact special rules for temporary occupations in the public domain, to subject occupations in the public domain to specifications and to prohibit the temporary authorization of this domain for the construction and operation of dwellings and chalets. summering, explained government spokesman Said Amzazi.

The bill, he added, also requires a period of 40 years, renewable once for a maximum period of 40 years for investment projects with certain exceptions and prohibits any assignment of the authorization of occupancy under penalty of cancellation.

Compensation for damage to the benefit of holders of temporary occupancy authorizations in the event of withdrawal of these authorizations before their expiry for public interest, special rules intended to recover the occupied public domain and impose strict financial penalties in the event of failure to comply with provisions of this text, and transitional rules relating to occupants within the framework of the Dahir of 1918 with a view to adapting their situation to the novelties of this text, are also provided for in the draft.


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