Separatists reoffend in Netherlands and desecrate Moroccan flag

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After Utrecht last January, this is the second time this year that in the Netherlands, the Moroccan flag has been desecrated by separatists in need of attention. This time it is the Moroccan consulate of the Den Bosh which was targeted early at dawn on Monday

It is the same modus operandi that the same individual chose to re-offend. At dawn, he appeared in front of the consulate tore the Moroccan flag to trample and desecrate it, replacing it with a banner, where it is inscribed “Long live the people”, before the employees of the Moroccan consulate intervene to remove it and swing it to the bottom of a dumpster and raise the Moroccan flag again. Two months ago, this same individual had engaged in this same scenario accompanied by accomplices who had, just like this time, filmed the live scene where they denigrated our Nation and its institutions.

The Consul General of Morocco in Den Bosh, Boutaher Aherdane, requested by Hespress declared that the consulate ” had been brutally attacked by separatists and traitors who desecrated the Moroccan national flag, trying to replace it with a rag in front of the seat of the Moroccan diplomatic representation, violating the ban on exit imposed by the Dutch government and taking advantage that this consulate is in the industrial area of ​​Den Bosh to attack him “.

The Consul General of Morocco added “ that he had previously informed the Dutch authorities of the seriousness of the threats against the Moroccan consulate in the town of Den Bosh, whether by telephone or through social networks and that the Dutch authorities had told him that they would take the measures necessary security “. Which unfortunately was not the case.

Despite this, the same person who removed the national flag from the facade of the Moroccan consulate in Utrecht repeated his heinous act today »Regrets the Consul General of Morocco in the city of Den Bosh. These actions raise questions about the indulgence of the Dutch authorities towards these culpable acts, its author and those which incite such bellicose activities. Boutaher Aherdane considered that these individuals constitute a real danger for officials and employees of Moroccan diplomatic institutions in the Netherlands, ” it is characterized banditry, the main objective of which is to disrupt the new dynamic of Moroccan diplomacy which, as everyone knows, has recently littered its course with impressive successes at the international level and particularly with regard to the question of our integrity territorial “.

The Moroccan diplomat added that he once again lodged a complaint with the security services of Den Bosh, and the Moroccan embassy in the Netherlands urgently sent a note verbale to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the aim of to put an end to “these irresponsible behaviors of this treacherous group, which undoubtedly serves the agendas hostile to the Kingdom “. For our part continued the Consul, “ We hoisted the flag of Morocco, accompanied by our eternal national slogan: God, the Fatherland, the King and we have the right to expect answers to this situation from the security and diplomatic authorities of the Netherlands.

According to the information reported by the Consul General of Morocco in Den Bosh, with reference to the viewing of surveillance cameras, “ the two attackers were in a car which they parked next to the consulate. The vehicle was towing a trailer and carrying long ladders and equipment that they used to carry out this vile and heinous criminal act at three in the morning. “.

And to conclude ” We are therefore entitled to wonder about the reasons why the Dutch authorities treat this recidivist with indulgence. In Utrecht the authorities arrested him for the first time, but released him the same day, without him being prosecuted, as if nothing had happened. “.


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