Raja Fans protest outside the stadium even Covid restrictions.

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Neither the rain that fell in Casablanca this Sunday, nor the ban related to Covid19;  Raja fans protest in the street  demanding solutions to the crisis that has shook the club for nearly 6 years.

It is indeed a huge crowd, dressed in black, which descended in the main arteries of the Metropolis to express its anger. It must be said that the reasons are not lacking: Financial crisis, unsatisfactory results, early elimination from the Champions League, poor management of the workforce, …

Another reason has recently come to add to the long list of grievances of the Ultras, the coach of the Greens, Jamal Sellami himself.

Adored after the comeback against the sworn enemy, the WAC of Casablanca within the framework of the Mohammed VI Cup, Sellami is today rejected by the public of the Eagles following a derby totally failed and lost 2-0 against the same WAC.

With Sellami, Raja displays a great difficulty in the game more and more obvious, which pushed the Ultras to, no more and no less, officially claiming the departure of the coach. In question ? His game choices are very questionable, according to them.

Despite the multitude of statements addressed to Rachid Al Andaloussi, to request the change of coach, the club committee opted for continuity, considering it “suicidal and inappropriate to change coach, at a time when continuity s ‘imposes as one and only alternative ”.

But this opinion is clearly not shared by the green public.

Ironically, the leaders of Raja Casablanca are preparing to receive the keys to the club’s Academy, which would be 100% ready to open its doors. The opening is scheduled after the month of Ramadan.

Endowment of King Mohammed VI after the exceptional course of the Greens in the 2013 Club World Cup, the Academy located in Bouskoura, is built on a land of more than 7 hectares.


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