The influence of the Covid19 on Morocco’s sports industry.

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A year after the start of the coronavirus crisis, Stadia and Sports Management School published a study on the impact of the pandemic on the sports industry in Morocco.

Resulting from a survey carried out over three months with private actors in the sector (fitness rooms, equipment manufacturers, agencies, clubs, specialized brands, media, start-ups, etc.), this study aims to draw up an inventory of a sector that has a strong impact on health and the economy in Morocco.

According to this study, 98% of companies have been deeply impacted by the coronavirus crisis, with 64% decline in activity in Morocco.

28% of these companies had to shut down their activities for more than six months and 6.8% of employees per company lost their jobs. 53% of companies have had to part with their employees and 43.2% of companies have lowered the salaries of their employees. Finally, 84% of companies consider that these measures were not up to the task.

Thus, Stadia and Sports Management School recommend promoting the emergence of a real sports industry made in Morocco by setting up incentives and support for investors wishing to produce locally.

It is also a question of facilitating the creation of an annual exhibition intended for professionals of the sector who will be able to promote their know-how, meet clients or potential partners, support the structuring of the sport sector through the creation of a representative body with a view to integrating the CGEM or even creating an apolitical and independent body (Agency or High Commission) which would be responsible exclusively for sports.

The same source also mentions the creation of specialized incubators which would support young innovative start-ups in the field of sport. These incubators could be installed in the large stadiums of Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier.

Similarly, reduce the 20% VAT and align it with that applied to other sectors between 7% and 10%. This alignment is justified by the need to support a sector strongly involved in the good health of Moroccans or finally to set up a Sport-Health Check to be consumed in a network (Retailers, sports halls, etc.) which could be tax deductible for companies offering them to their employees.

“This study was first necessary to concretely assess the impact of the crisis in order to draw the government’s attention to the seriousness of the situation of a key sector in Morocco, both in terms of health and economics. Secondly, it enabled the professionals concerned to propose actions that could in their eyes get their sector out of this crisis and then support its development ”, declares Mehdi Sekkouri, General Manager STADIA declares:

“This study is an important step in consolidating the role of our school as an internationally recognized academic and scientific actor serving the development of the Moroccan sports ecosystem”, emphasizes, for his part, Jalil Achour, Director General of Sport Management School Rabat.


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